The Troop Leadership

Troop Leadership

   » Scoutmaster, Charles Grippaldi,
   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Andrew Beckman
   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Vicky Gioia
   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Juan Penagos
   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Fred Stanley
   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Bob Brusca

   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Kieth Calise
   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Charlie Grippaldi
   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Michael Arevalo

   » Assistant Scoutmaster, Jonathan Fidas

      Please feel free to contact any of them with any questions that you might have, or attend the next Committee meeting and volunteer some of your time to the Troop. The Troop Committee is also your resource for copies of forms, troop phone list and troop calendar. All of our forms are available here on the website for you to print out (with the exception of the phone list, for privacy reasons)


      We need volunteers! Won’t you consider volunteering some of your time to assist the the boys of Troop 93? We need to fill the following Committee positions:


» Assistant Scoutmasters: Help out at meetings, and on overnights & activities.


      Some of these positions only require a minimal amount of time, and can be shared with another parent, or tasks can be taken on for a month or two to help out. If you cannot commit to a Committee position, please sign up for set-up or clean-up at our scheduled activites throughout the year. We can always use a helping hand. I'm a paragraph.

      Uniformed Scout Leaders are primarily responsible for organizing the activities of the group, and training the youth members through the Scout program. Other roles include liaison with parents, districts, or other parties such as the unit's sponsoring (chartered) organization.
Requirements of the Adult Leadership

      Scoutmasters are responsible for developing and delivering the "program" or the training of youth leadership in how to plan and run a Scout troop's activities. The members of the committee are responsible for "service" or provisioning the troop with the necessary goods and services that allow the Scoutmasters to focus solely on the program.


      The Scoutmaster for a troop is first nominated by the committee, then appointed by the chartering organization and then finally accepted by the district executive. The committee members elect a committee chairman. In the event that the Scoutmaster is unavailable, the committee chairman steps in until a new Scoutmaster is obtained. The committee also accepts the troop schedule and budget as developed each year by the patrol leader's council advised by the Scoutmaster.

Adult Participation