The Scouts of Troop 93 are encouraged to participate in Troop activites and overnight trips. At our weekly meetings they learn new scout skills from their adult leaders and older boys in the troop. This enables them to advance in rank in the Troop and also to complete the merit badges required on the path to the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest level of achievement in Boy Scouts.



Rank Advancement

  • Scout Rank

  • Tenderfoot Rank

  • Second Class Rank

  • First Class Rank

  • Star Rank

  • Life Rank

  • Eagle Scout Rank        This is the highest level of achievement in Boy Scouts


Merit Badges:


      Below is a list of merit badges that can be earned at Yawgoog Summer Camp in 2011. Many merit badges can be earned during 1 week at Summer Camp. Some of these have a few pre-requisites that must be completed prior to camp (check with the Scoutmaster or the Advancement Committee Chairperson for the complete list of requirements that must be done before Summer Camp). The Scoutmaster must approve the merit badge & sign-off on any pre-requisites before attending Summer Camp.
Download the 2011 Merit Badge Schedule, or visit the Yawgoog website at for their complete list, merit badge workbooks, requirements &/or pre-requisites for each.


      Please review the list for the badges that you would like to work on during Summer Camp, (however, this list does not include all merit badges that are available to earn throughout the year). For a complete list, please check your Scout Handbook, or ask the Scoutmaster or Advancement Committee Chairperson. You can also visit the Theodore Roosevelt Council website which has online resources for many of these merit badges at or


  • Archery ©

  • Art ©

  • Astronomy Ø

  • Basketry ©

  • BSA Lifeguard (minimum age 15) ©

  • Camping Ø®

  • Canoeing ©

  • Citizenship in the Community Ø®

  • Citizenship in the World Ø®

  • Climbing (minimum age 14) ©

  • Communications Ø®

  • Cooking

  • Environmental Science ©®

  • Farm Mechanics (minimum age 13) ©

  • Fingerprinting ©

  • First Aid (minimum age 14) Ø®

  • Fish & Wildlife Management ©

  • Fishing ©

  • Forestry ©

  • Geology ©

  • Indian Lore ©

  • Leatherwork ©®

  • Lifesaving ©® (OR Emergency Preparedness ®, not at Yawgoog)

  • Mammal Study ©

  • Medicine ©

  • Nature ©

  • Oceanography ©

  • Orienteering ©

  • Pioneering ©

  • Plumbing (minimum age 13) ©

  • Reptile & Amphibian Study Ø

  • Rifle shooting (minimum age 13) ©

  • Rowing ©

  • Small-Boat Sailing ©

  • Shotgun Shooting* (minimum age 15) ©

  • Soil & Water Conservation ©

  • Swimming ©®(OR Hiking ® OR Cycling ®)

  • Weather Ø

  • Wilderness Survival Ø

  • Wood Carving ©



© - All of the requirements for this merit badge can be done during 1 week at Summer Camp.
Ø - Most of the requirements for this merit badge can be done during 1 week at Summer camp, however, some have pre-requisites; some of the requirements must be completed beforehand and signed by the Scoutmaster.
® - This is an Eagle Scout required merit badge.