We have listed links here for your convenience and for additional information about BSA and other topics of interest for Scouts.



  1. Troop 93 is part of the Iroquois District of the Theodore Roosevelt Council, Boy Scouts of America. You can find out about District and Council events, links to National Council and general Scouting information from the Council website & District website:

  2. For merit badge requirements and resource information to help you complete your merit badges, you can visit:

  3. For BSA official catalog online, which carries uniforms, outdoor gear and gifts, you can visit the National BSA store:

  4. Boys Life magazine has a great website that compliments the monthly magazine that Scouts receive each month. For fun, games, articles and contests, Scouts can visit:

  5. For information about Flag Etiquette, and other Veterans issues, please visit the Veterans of Foreign Wars website:

  6. For additional information about the various campsites that we use, you can visit the following websites:

  7. Geocaching has become a very popular Scouting activity across the country & around the world. (There are caches hidden at Yawgoog, for example). With a little planning ahead of time, this exciting activity can be incorporated into Troop overnight camping & hiking trips. For additional information about Geocaching, visit the Official Global GPS Cache Hunt website:

  8. If you are planning a trip with your family to any of the National Parks in the United States, visit their website. You may be able to fulfill some merit badge requirements in your travels.

  9. For free downloadable star maps of the night sky, visit: