Parent's FAQ


      We know that parents often have a number of questions when their son joins a Boy Scout Troop. Troop 93 was established in 1924 as the first Boy Scout Troop in Franklin Square.

      We have provided some general information here, for the purpose of answering  the most common questions. We have a copy of “Welcome to Troop 93” available to download. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to come down to a regular troop meeting and speak to the Scoutmaster or Committee Chairman. Or come to a Committee meeting. We are all here as volunteers to help make each boy’s scouting experience the best that it can be, and will gladly help him along the path to Eagle Scout, the highest achievement in scouting. We ask that each parent volunteer to help out during the year on overnights and for our other annual activities.


When are meetings held?

  • Weekly Troop meetings are held on Monday nights at VFW Post #2718, on Lincoln Avenue in Franklin Square. 

  • The meetings begin at promptly at 7:30 pm and end at 8:45 pm.  Boys are expected to be in full Class-A uniform at all troop meetings.

  • Boys need to bring their Boy Scout handbook to each meeting so that Leaders can sign of on completed requirements for advancement.

  • Boys are asked to bring $1.00 weekly dues (even if they miss a meeting), and their Scout Handbook to each meeting.

  • We ask that parents come into the VFW at the end of the meeting when picking up Scouts, so that we can make announcements, hand out paperwork and, more importantly, as a safety precaution.

  • VFW Post # 2718 telephone: (516) 354-9393


How many leaders are there?

  • In addition to the Scoutmaster & Committee Chairman, there are several Assistant Scoutmasters and other Committee members that support our Troop. These positions are filled by adult/parent volunteers.

  • Committee meetings are held once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 pm, downstairs at the VFW.  Parents are always welcome to attend.

  • BSA practices 2-Deep Leadership, meaning that there are always 2 leaders present with any one or more boys at any givien time. One adult leader alone with one individual boy is never allowed.

  • Adult Leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training and additional leadership training in order to hold these leadership positions.  Any parent that wants to attend an overnight camping trip is required to complete Youth Protection Training, available online at or through Theodore Roosevelt Council.  Check their website for upcoming training dates at


What are parents expected to do?

  • Troop 93 Leadership & Committee is made up entirely of parent volunteers, some of whom no longer have a son in the Troop.

  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer and participate in Troop activities as often as possible.  Most jobs do not require too much time, and remember that your son benefits from the efforts of parent volunteers. Please take a turn to help out when you can since it isn’t fair to always ask the same people to help out. 

  • Most activities at the VFW, such as Pancake Breakfast and Pasta Dinner, require Set-up & Clean-up.  Everyone’s time is valuable and the more help we have, the sooner we will be done. 

  • Troop 93 communicates mainly by e-mail, so please check your e-mail regularly for meeting, trip and event updates.

  • If an e-mail asks for an RSVP, PLEASE RSVP, Yes or NO, as soon as possible. We need to make travel reservations for overnights well in advance and also need a head count well in advance when food shopping for events like the Pancake Breakfast.

  • Encourage your son to participate in as many Troop activities as he can. This will help him advance in the Troop and more importantly, will give him many wonderful memories of Scouting experiences.

  • As mentioned above, we ask that parents come into the VFW at the end of the meeting when picking up Scouts, so that we can make announcements, hand out paperwork and, more importantly, as a safety precaution.


How often are overnight camping trips?

  • We try to plan an overnight camping trip at least once a month.  When we announce the upcoming trip to the boys at a regular Troop meeting, we ask that parents RSVP as soon as possible, so we can make transportation arrangements & purchase enough food, and make reservations in advance, if necessary.

  • Scouts must have 2 signed copies of the permission slip for each overnight or other Troop activity or they will not be allowed to participate.

  • An overnight camping trip usually consists of leaving on a Saturday morning from the VFW and returning again on Sunday around 12:00 pm.

  • On overnight camping trips, boys learn important scouting skills that they will need to complete merit badges and rank advancement.

  • We plan an annual Long Trip during the Spring recess from school. This is a 4-day/3-night trip to a historical city on the East Coast, that includes museum tours, an amusement park visit, sports events, etc.  The boys look forward to this trip every year.

  • Additionally, we also plan annual “fun trips”, such as the Ski Trip in February, and the Whitewater Rafting Trip in June.


What about Summer Camp?

  • Summer Camp is one week in July at Yawgoog Scout Reservation in Rockville, Rhode Island.

  • In addition to the 2 permission slips, parents and physician must complete the BSA annual medical form. Please note, the annual BSA medical form is valid for 12 calendar months.

  • All Summer Camp fees must be paid-in-full, in advance of the week of Summer Camp, or your son will not be allowed to attend.

  • Important Note:  The week at Summer Camp is for the Scouts, Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters and Committee Members.  It is not a family vacation and parents are not allowed to just show up at camp. While it is understandable that this may be the first time that a Scout is away from home and family, and he may be homesick, it is counter-productive to have parents at camp, as the Scout will not be able to take his first steps towards independence.  Please be aware that at no time will a Scout be prevented from contacting their parent in the event that he is extremely homesick.

  • Parents are expected to attend the Summer Camp Prep meeting, held in June, in order to go over everything that is needed for a week at camp and also to answer any questions that you may have.


What about transportation?

  • Transportation is provided by our parents and adult leaders and arranged according to the number of boys going on the trip.  This is why it is important to RSVP yes or no to each trip ASAP.

  • Drivers must provide their driver’s license, registration and have proper stickers in place in their vehicles.

  • A tour permit must be filed with Theodore Roosevelt Council for every trip that is taken with the boys, listing the drivers that are going on that trip.  This permit needs to be filed 2 weeks in advance of each trip.

  • We try to provide accurate driving directions to each overnight destination and many are available for download from this website.

  • Drivers may be reimbursed for certain expenses.


How can I contact my son if he doesn’t have a cell phone?

  • Adult Leaders always have cell phones with them and will let Scouts use them to phone parents.

  • Troop 93 has a no cell phone policy for the boys. In the event that cell phones are permitted on a particular trip, they are to be turned off until a time designated by leaders that a call can be made to parents.  Leaders will hold onto cell phones for the boys.

  • Phone calls and texting to friends during an overnight is not permitted.

What about the Boy Scout uniform?

  • The official Boy Scout Class-A uniform includes the khaki tan shirt (with required patches sewn in place--see photo at left, and below, and refer to the Scout Handbook), olive green pants or shorts/BSA socks, BSA belt, Troop 93 neckerchief/BSA slide, and Troop 93 hat. Download the uniform information page.

  • For new boys joining Troop 93, the Mother’s Club provides a Troop hat and Troop neckerchief. These items are only available from the Mother’s Club (not available online). Replacements are available for $15.00 each and can be ordered through the Mother’s Club. Download the apparel order form.

  • Boys are expected to be in full Class-A uniform at all regular Troop meetings, Courts of Honor, Memorial Day Parade, during travel and for other designated Troop activities. 

  • The Class-B uniform consists of a Troop 93 T-shirt and olive green uniform pants or shorts/BSA socks, BSA belt, Troop 93 hat and is worn at certain troop activities, as directed.

  • The only insignia that carries over to the Boy Scout tan uniform shirt from Cub Scouts is the Arrow of Light Award.  You will just need new troop numerals, 9 & 3, for the left shoulder.  (Still Theodore Roosevelt Council shoulder patch).

  • Before you go out to buy new uniform pants or shirts, check with one of us at a meeting. We have a uniform bank (box o'clothes) of outgrown pants, shorts and shirts that may fit your son.

  • Please label all uniform and clothing items with your son’s name.

What equipment does my son need?

  • Initially, the Boy Scout Handbook, a sleeping bag and foam mat are all that is required for overnight camping trips, when first joining Troop 93.

  • Duffle bag for clothing, etc.

  • Flashlight and whistle.

  • For a complete list, download overnight camping & summer camp equipment lists.

What about rank advancement?

  • Scouts begin advancement as soon as they join Troop 93.  They begin at the Scout Rank.

  • As Scouts earn merit badges, participate in Troop camping trips & activities, learn Scouting skills, and hold positions in the Troop, such as Patrol Leader, they advance through the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and ultimately, Eagle Scout.

  • Eagle Scout is the highest level of achievement in Boy Scouts. The leadership of Troop 93 will work with each Scout, along with his parents, to help him attain the Rank of Eagle Scout. This is a lot of hard work, but is a very rewarding accomplishment.

  • Scouts must complete the requirements for rank advancement, as outlined in the Scout handbook, and have them signed by the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster.  They must complete a Scoutmaster conference and a Board of Review.

  • Rank advancements are awarded at a Court of Honor. This is an award ceremony that is held a few times during the year to recognize a Scout’s achievements.

What about merit badges?

  • Scouts earn merit badges to help them advance through the ranks of Scouting and also to learn about all kinds of different topics. Many Scouts have gone on to follow a particular career path as a result of an interest or skill that he learned while working on a merit badge.

  • In order to start a merit badge, Scouts must see the Scoutmaster or Advancement chairperson for a signed Blue Card and a list of merit badge counselors for that merit badge. Scouts must contact the merit badge counselor and arrange a meeting to go over the requirements to complete the merit badge. When meeting with merit badge counselor, Scouts must be in full Class-A uniform and have a parent present.

  • If the merit badge book is in our Troop library, Scouts may borrow the book to see what the requirements are for that merit badge or can go online to

  • Merit Badges can also be earned at Summer Camp.  At Yawgoog Scout Reservation, they have a schedule of the merit badges offered during the week at Summer Camp and Scouts can earn 3 or 4 merit badges during that week.

  • Merit badges are awarded at a Court of Honor.  This is an award ceremony that is held a few times during the year to recognize a Scout’s achievements.

What is an Eagle Scout Court of Honor?

  • A Court of Honor is an award ceremony to recognize a Scout’s achievments.  An Eagle Scout Court of Honor is a ceremony held by Troop 93 to recognize the individual Scout who has attained the Rank of Eagle Scout. 

  • This ceremony is attended by Troop 93 Scouts, Leaders, Family memberes and invited dignitaries.

  • If you have never witnessed an Eagle Scout Court of Honor, you should attend the next upcoming ceremony. You will see the culmination of years of Scouting experiences and hard work. Hopefully, new Scouts will be inspired to reach for this ultimate goal.

  • The Mother’s Club provides hospitality for this ceremony with refreshments for all.

What is the Mother’s Club?

  • The Mother’s Club is made up of volunteer Moms (and Dads) to help organize Troop events & activities.  Our primary goal is fundraising to supplement the Troop financially, such as Holiday Wreath sale, Holiday Boutique sale, Car Washes, Candle sale, many Raffles and more.

  • Night at the Races is one of our most important Fundraisers of the year, co-sponsored by the Mother’s Club and VFW Post #2718.  This an evening of entertainment for Adults only, with food & fun for all.

  • We also host the annual Pancake Breakfast and annual Pasta Dinner which are family events for our Troop.

  • We provide hospitality for all Eagle Scout Courts of Honor.

  • We exist simply to benefit the boys.


What else?

  • Please check your e-mail and visit the Troop website regularly for updates. 

  • Download permission slips in advance of overnights and hand them in on time.

  • Make sure that the annual BSA medical form is completed by a physician and up to date. This form is valid for 12 calendar months and is needed for the annual Iroquois District Camporee at Hempstead Lake State Park in May and also for the week of Summer Camp in mid-July.  Please coordinate your son’s physical exam accordingly.

  • Attend as many Troop activites and overnight trips as you can with your son; you both will be very glad that you did.

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